Entry #1

73H 0rI9Inal d35i9n 0f uR HapPiN332...

2010-10-29 05:05:39 by SanDiablo

4FtER 50 L0nG h0w kuD 1T H4vE mE4nt 50METH1n' 2 U?
ye4r5 w0nDeR1N' wH@ 1 d1D wR0ng T0 pU5h j00 4W4y
l0ckED Up
Ch41NED T0 J00r Wh1M
1 K4'Nt Get bEy0ND TEH de51GN 0F j00r h4Pp1nEE5
my DE5p41R
'k4u2E, tH02e T1me5 wE h4D Me4Nt 50MeTH1n' 2 U
2 mEh T00, But 1t'5 N0T TEH 54mE
j00 CH4NGed tEH RULe5
J00 w4nTeD 50mEtH1n' nEW
j00 D1d'nt phEEL tEh 54ME 4FTERw4rD5

J00 Tr4pPED meh 1N Teh 0R1G1n4L de51GN 0F UR H4Pp1nee5
My De5P41R

j00 PhelT d1FfeRENt
1 KNew 50mEtH1n' 1n51DE J00 CH4NGED
J00 Kn0W j00R R1Ght
1 Knew 50MeTH1N' 1n51De j00 cH4Nged
50mEtH1n' NEW pH0R J00 5h0Uld D0
1'M w4lK1n' K4U2E 1 pH0Ll0WEd tEH dRe4m5
teH w4y 1 541d 1 W0Uld t00
bUt 1n mY W4k1n' h0Ur5 1 rE4l12ED
th@ w1Th J00 Went MY 1nN0CEn2E 4Nd TRu5T


73H 0rI9Inal d35i9n 0f uR HapPiN332...


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